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Termites pose a significant problem to homeowners almost everywhere. These tiny insects work together in colonies and emerge from the soil to attack the wood of our structures. Every home is at risk: Even if the construction is brick or concrete slab, there is a significant amount of wood used in its construction (think flooring). Although many do-it-yourself websites will advertise home-remedies for termite control, many of these methods, though well-intended, do not accomplish eradication and serve to 'push' the infestation away from treatment area. Also many of the home remedy situations are detrimental to the environment and your health. While there are many things a homeowner may do to reduce the risk of termite infestation, virtually any building could be targeted by these animals. For more termite information: visit termite biology

Green Planet's Termite Service:

Our strategy to combat termites is use techniques that target specific areas where termites are infesting and by installing a comprehensive baiting system around the structure which uses the behaviors that make termites destructive against themselves. Our products and materials have a minimal impact on the health of the ecosystem and serve to eliminate an entire colony in the meantime. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have in regard to termite behavior or control measures. Our staff entomologist has particular knowledge and experience in termite biology.


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