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Bed bugs are back! People ask me where they have come back from and there doesn’t seem to be consensus about this, but there are a number of different explanations and a combination is these is probably likely:

1) Resistance to pyrethroid products (and other pesticides)
2) C
hange in the techniques to eliminate household pests
Increased travel; business and leisure

As well as secondary explanations for transmission:

1) Second-hand furniture and mattresses
2) I
ncorrect identification
3) I
mproper treatment methods
4) Other hosts

 Bed bugs have become a difficult pest to eradicate because of their ability to hide and harbor in the tiniest of cracks and crevices because their body is rather flat. This allows them to forage for food (human blood!) and then escape back to their harborages. Since they are usually active in the night time, their small size, painless bite and short feeding time makes an infestation hard to detect until the size of the population forces the crowded bed bugs to seek new harborage sites.

 To complicate matters worse, the conventional treatments for bed bugs have been a disappointment. The chemicals being used for bed bugs sometimes do not penetrate far enough into the harborages to have any effect or never come into contact with the bed bug. Even when coverage is adequate, some populations have been tested to be resistant to pyrethroids, the active ingredient used to treat most pest control situations. When treatment methods fail, we have seen a reluctance to try other methods and what results is a buildup of toxic chemicals in a sensitive area. To make matters worse, incorrect procedures can also make the next pest control company’s task even more difficult; previous residual treatments can serve as a deterrent to bed bugs and force them into areas that were uninhabited, as well as put the new technician at risk contacting the previous chemical treatments. (Check out the article at the bottom of the page.)

 Our Strategy:

 At Green Planet we stress integrated pest techniques. Bed bugs can be controlled without having to rely on chemical techniques. Since we cannot rely on chemicals to readily control a bed bug population, the key to bed bug elimination is to correctly identify, locate and treat directly with non-chemical means. These non chemical treatments eliminate all stages of bed bugs: eggs, nymphs and adults. Chemical treatments using least toxic properties may follow, but only in areas that are not accessible or likely to come into direct contact with people. We will also address harborage issues inside of the room, sealing and caulking small cracks and crevices or locating bigger repair issues for the customer.

For more information on bed bugs check out these university websites:
University of Florida (Koehler)
University of Kentucky (Potter)
Harvard School of Public Health

 Green Planet Pest Control uses the most eco-friendly techniques to eliminate bed bugs from homes, apartments, hotels and other buildings.